Experts in Value

Key Note Discussing VALUE

30 minute Key Note on selling and pricing for value when procurement might want to focus on lowest price.

Why can't we sell our value?

The reason your team is stuck discounting to maintain or grow business...

Unintended Consequences...

Understanding and Realizing Value and Sustainable Profit across a whole organiation. Using Total Profit Added.

Snipets of Key NOTE

Experts on Value

Hear from Subject Matter Experts on Selling Value, Presenting Value, Communicating, and Pricing for Value.

Selling Best Value

What suppliers need to do so that Procurement is convinced to buy based on value.  

Value Merchants Book Launch

Some best in class Global Experts, such as James Anderson from Kellogg, James Narus, Todd Snelgrove and others, discussing Value Selling and Value Pricing and Negotiating for Value.

Feedback from an Executive Session in Australia

Listen to what business leaders said right after a short Value introductory session at Maquarie University in Sydney Australia.

Procurement Buying Best Value

What does Procurement need to look at to make sure they are buying and receiving the best value that makes them more profitable?

Advice for those starting Value Journey

Some key insights on realizing the positive impact of taking the value journey. 

How to get Procurement to Want and Be Able to Pay for Value

Some best in class ideas of how suppliers need to engage the economic buyer to create value for both the buyer and seller

Profit from Demonstrated Quantified Value

Driving Organizational Adoption towards a Value Organization. What needs to happen?

Government Procurment Contracting for Best Value

A fundamental lesson, from Public Spend Forum featuring Todd Snelgrove. Governments are mandated to buy best value, but many procurement professionals fail to understand that costs and savings go far beyond the price tag.      We were thankful to have his time and energy for our session, where he conveyed how advanced companies and governments are using a systematic way to choose, measure, and reward suppliers that help them realize the most measurable value, It goes beyond simple cost savings. 

Value Experts

Subject Matter Experts discussing creating customer value.