Experts in Value

Helping Companies with Value Selling, Pricing, Negotiation, anServitization

Engaging Keynotes


Global Sales Meetings, Distributor / Channel Partner Conferences, and Executive Management events – focused on “How to get paid for value created when the power of the economic buyer has increased versus the technical buyer”.  Takeaways – Motivate sales teams that value can be sold, giving tools, references and techniques how to re-frame your value with the economic buyer so they are willing and able to pay for it.

Calculating Your Value


Helping companies with value selling by walking throug the lifecycle of your products and services from the customers perspective, to see how you can affect your customers or channels Total Profit Added TM from the Design and Build Stage > Aquisition > Installation, Operation, and Maintenance > Disposal phases. Research and delivering key accepted benchmarks to put in the calculations so an initial conversation on the value you create can happen enabling your team  Value Sell, Value Price, and Negotiate on value created.

Tools to Quantify Your Value and Skills to Understand and Present it


Building a tool and repository so that sales, product managers, industry specialists, and the pricing teams can  quantify the value of your solutions. Uploading and building the value models by solution, industry, customer type, or geography so that all can articulate the specific profit created, for a specific customer, that your offering creates versus the next best alternative. Based on 15 years experience and numerous Global Awards for Value Quantification Tools and Processes.

Selling Value for Strategic Accounts


Once your team is able to quantify the value you create how do you present, negotiate, and get paid for that value? In the last two decades the move towards team consensus buying, the rise of the economic vs technical buyer, the sharp focus on terms, conditions, and price means your sales teams need to be comfortable and confident having the right discussion, at the right time, with the right information, at the right level so that you can close orders at the right price.  Companies that take a value approach vs a volume / low price / market share approach are 35% more profitable.Its time to profit from the value you deliver.

Value Marketing Material


In today's ultra competitive environment how does your offering stand out with customers so that they are able and willing to have a discussion around the value of it not the unit price? Is your marketing material discussion the technical features and benefits or the financial impact you can deliver? Are you equipping the sales team with data and insights to challenge the customer to think and buy differently? We support companies refresh and update marcomm material, PowerPoint decks, sample key account templates, and whitepapers to re-frame the discussion to look at the value of a solution not its price. See some samples in Whitepapers tab.

Value Business and Pricing Models


With the advancement of data, Industrial Internet of things (IIOT), Industry 4.0, and information availability, more and more buyers want and are willing to pay for outcomes and value versus inputs and activities. As the World Economic Forum has just said "were in the early phases of the outcome economy" . We deliver you proven tools, processes, and agreement templates so you can guarantee customer value vs. offering price discounts for your largest and Key Account customers. 

World Economic Forum

New Product Launch and Stage Gate Process and Tools focused on Value


Your organization spends lots of resources on developing new and innovative product and solution offerings for the market. Are you realizing the expected traction in the market place in sales and profitability? Re Think your Stage Gate and Product Launch process to focus on the economic impact improvement you can create for your customer. Launch new solutions with ROI cases and calculator, Market Communication that focuses on the why change now, and why your solution in terms that will resonate with the buyer.

Sharktanking and Coaching


With the rise in power of the strategic procurement teams, and the consensus buying approach (6.7 decision makers) is your team prepared for your one opportunity to frame the discussion around your value elements? You have one chance every 3 or 5 years to explain why you deserve the contract.  Rollplaying with outsiders that act as the economic and technical buyer, allows your team to be prepared and have higher success rates when they do pitch. As with anything, you become better and more convincing the more practice you have with handling possible objections. Get a fresh process to prepare for those large bids so you can get the business you deserve.

Sales Coach on Demand


Would your Sales, Pricing, Key Account, and Management Teams like to have access “on demand” to an outside expert to run ideas by, ask what would you do in this situation? Engage us to be that second thought to insert new ideas and approaches with a fresh set of eyes on your business with the experience collected over numerous years and industries across the globe.

Procuring on Best Value


Have you ever wondered what sales people are thinking and how you could source a category to get your customers what they want, at the measurable value you need, all while using Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) techniques and Processes that ensure value is realized? Let us challenge traditional ideas on buying some categories like Office Supplier, MRO, Travel or others. Research and workshops to see where value can be realized, and then contracted to capture even greater value for your organization.

Servitization and Digitization


Building a Service business that creates more profit for you and your customers requires a well thought out program and structure.  It should be more than just offering replacement parts, but helping customers get more out of their assets by using Digitization, Proactive Services, and Application Improvements. Different selling processes, customer communication strategies, and pricing around performance improvements and outcomes, vs costs per hour / part will ensure your company will be successful.