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Why The Experts in Value?

Our Approach

Todd has 20 years in industry, being the global team leader in helping a technology and engineering driven company become more commerical by pricing and selling value created. Todd is now focusing helping other companies develop a value methodology so they can realize the immediate profit impact for the value they create.  

As the Global Vice President of Value with over 15 years’ experience in being the team leader on understanding, presenting, calculating, pricing, and purchasing on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Total Profit Added™ (TPA™). Todd is acknowledged to be a leading subject matter expert in the field of value. He is a sought after speaker and consultant and his work has been featured in articles on buying, selling, pricing, and procuring in numerous publications from leading business and scholarly reviews published by Harvard, MIT Sloan, Case Western, Wake Forest, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, London Business Press, Routledge, and others. 

He has developed and implemented his leading insight into strategies for sales and marketing programs, strategic account management, customer value partnership agreements, new business models, TCO procurement strategies, and numerous programs that help buyers and sellers increase profitability by measuring and understanding Total Profit Added™. Todd has demonstrated successful customer partnership agreements with Global Fortune 1000 companies, in numerous industries and segments, in all geographies of the world.


Our Approach

Why The Experts in Value?

Our Approach

It all starts with following a structured process to determine what  truly creates value that customers are willing and able to pay for. Walking the life of a product or service to see how your offering can affect a customers profitability, measuring a more holistic view with an update on the concept of Total Cost of Ownership towards Total Profit Added TM. 

Looking at how to quantify that value, building a tool and process to be able to create customized business cases for customers on that value, and developing the messaging to present that value to the economic buyer.

Developing customer focused outcome based / value agreements that helps both buyers and sellers make sure value is created and delivered and that both buyer and seller are more profitable . 

Companies that sell and price based on value are 35% more profitable than companies that take a volume / market share approach. Companies that buy based on best value, as measured using Total Profit Added TM methodology are 36% more profitable. Its possible for both the buyer and seller to be more profitable buy focusing on the relaizing the right value.

Pulling in other Team members based on your specific needs. See the Team for the extensive Bio's and expertise.  


Why The Experts in Value?

Why The Experts in Value?

Why The Experts in Value?

Todd has the real world global experience developing and implementation the tools, systems, and processes, to deliver a value selling methodology that drives a companies culture change towards all things value. Todd is a Subject Matter Expert on all things Value.  Todd led the creation and implementation of the strategy at a world renowned industrial manufacturer, helping double net profit margins. 

His experience and knowledge have been sought out and Todd has led sessions on value selling, value pricing, value calculation, value based business models, at Executive MBA courses at IMD Switzerland, Chalmers Sweden, Kellogg USA, Esade Barcelona,  University of Tennessee USA, University of Macquarie Australia, and London Business School. Todd brings real world experience from his work of buying, selling, pricing, and negotiating based on best value.

Todd co wrote the best selling 2016 book Value First Then Price - Quantifying Value in Business Markets from the Perspectives of both Buyers and Sellers. An energetic presenter at meetings on the need to buy, sell, and price based on value created and documented; for associations such as Manufacturing Alliance, Strategic Account Managers Associations, Certified Purchasing Professionals, Institute for the Study of Business Markets, Aberdeen Groups Chief Procurement Officer Summit, Center for Advanced Procurement Studies,  International Association of Commercial and Contract Management, European Pricing Platform, National Institute of Government Purchasing, Procurecon, and numerous others. 

Todd is a Founding Fellow at the Sales Leadership Alliance which is part of the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK, and sits on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Sales Transformation and is an Associate Editor with the Journal of Creating Value. Todd has  received a “1 of 50 best practices” by Strategic Account Management Association. 

Todd  is an expert in quantifying product, processes, or services value for customers. Tools he has created have been in use for 15+ years, have over 100,000's cases worth over $7 Billion in Value and are the basis of 100's of global  value agreements.

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